Dolomites wellness Hotel South Tyrol: Spa Hotel Jochgrimm

Your wellness hotel in the Dolomites - in South Tyrol ❃ Wellness vacation in the Dolomites at our alpine resort hotel

Come and immerse yourself in wellness at this premiere alpine resort hotel in South Tyrol

What could be more exciting, after a pleasant ramble through an unspoiled Nature or a day full of exhilarating ski adventures, than to return to your wellness hotel in the heart of the Dolomites for a health-giving and/or relaxing therapeutic treatment – or simply some fun splashing in the pool? Pamper yourself! After a day spent in the Great Outdoors, breathing in that crisp mountain air, you can relax in our wellness facilities – including a swimming pool, “AlmSauna” sauna facility, and relaxation rooms.

Immerse yourself in a world of alpine wellness here in South Tyrol – a harmonious, peaceful, and placid world in which you represent the center of attention. You’ll feel rested and relaxed – or invigorated, depending upon your personal wishes.

At our “Dolomites Foenum Montanum Spa,” we will pamper and regenerate you and so help you face new challenges in life. You have a choice between various different types of massage, beauty applications, treatments, depilation, or therapeutic baths – all part of the spa and wellness program of this premiere alpine resort hotel in the Dolomites.

A time-honored tradition of wellness

Our hotel has a long tradition of providing first-class wellness treatments. We first began offering, e.g., hay baths back in the mid-19th century. From those humble beginnings, we have expanded our range of services and therapeutic / cosmetic treatments to become a truly authentic wellness hotel in the Dolomites of South Tyrol.

In recent years, we have modernized and expanded our wellness facilities. For example, our swimming pool is of the latest design. You can thus indulge yourself with a truly memorable wellness holiday in the Dolomites, complete with sauna zone, Infinity Pool, and spa services – yet still enjoy the unspoiled character of the legendary Jochgrimm and its rugged beauty.


Alpine wellness in the Dolomites: A benefit for mind, body, and soul.

Our new Foenum Montanum SPA in this preeminent alpine and wellness hotel in the Dolomites features tastefully furnished rooms where you have a wide range of soothing, relaxing, and/or invigorating treatments and massages to choose from. Let us pamper you in these pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

Swimming for youth and fitness

You can bask in the weightlessness, the pleasant sensation of floating, and the comfort of flowing along the water. You can enjoy the warm, soothing water against the stunning backdrop of our fantastic alpine scenery. All this and more is possible in our new “Schwimmstadel” with the heated Infinity Pool, allowing you to swim towards the horizon. The endless overflow gutter ensures you free and unimpeded swimming pleasure in a special atmosphere. Here in your alpine resort hotel in the Dolomites, you can admire the magnificent sunsets while immersed in warm (30 °C / 86 °F) water. Just another highlight of your alpine wellness vacation at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea-level! This premiere natural beauty hotel in South Tyrol offers a truly unique holiday experience!

Alpine sauna at your wellness hotel in the wonderous Dolomites

Do you like nothing better than to relax and luxuriate in the health-giving warmth of the sauna? What better way to indulge in this pleasant – and therapeutic – pastime than during your wellness vacation in the Alps of South Tyrol? Our wellness facilities are outfitted with two natural saunas, featuring plenty of wood paneling, one steam bath with alpine scents, one steam bath with salt exfoliation, as well as an infrared chamber for pleasant and relaxing sessions. Do yourself a favor and come experience our sauna facilities for yourself! Here at your wellness and resort hotel in the Dolomites! Here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel!

Alpine relaxation rooms at this premiere wellness hotel in the Dolomites

Our panoramic relaxation rooms at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel afford you an unobstructed view of the surrounding natural scenery: Alpine meadows, forests, and the snow-capped peaks of such major mountains of the Dolomites as the Adamello, Brenta, and Ortler. Stretch out and unwind against this unique natural backdrop. You’ll benefit from the sense of profound relaxation that comes over you when you recline in our friendly relaxation rooms. Forget your day-to-day concerns and soak up the healing energy of the mountains! It’s all possible here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel – your oasis of peace and wellness in the Dolomites.


Water refreshing mind, body, and soul. It has an invigorating – but also relaxing effect.

Our “AlmSauna” wellness facilities feature a herbal steam bath, sanarium, immersion basins, and relaxation rooms. Come and experience the soothing warmth (40 °C / 104 °F) whirlpool. Feel the health-giving effects while you admire the stunning wintertime landscape!

Therapeutic “Kneipp” treatments in the Dolomites

Immerse yourself in the soothing spring water and feel your everyday worries and troubles disappear at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel.

After a hot session in the sauna, the cold water has an invigorating effect upon your metabolism. Water – a precious natural resource to be found in abundance in this unique wellness facility here in the Alps. In the summer months, our Kneipp course in the wellness garden helps you cool down. Treading water according to the Kneipp method helps not only your circulation – it also boosts your general feeling of well-being. Our Kneipp course in this preeminent wellness hotel of the Dolomites also has a facial and an arm bath.

Fitness indoors & outdoors at this premiere sport hotel in South Tyrol

Here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel, you can enjoy an active holiday, with plenty of vigorous outdoor activities in the heart of the Dolomites. Now, sports enthusiasts can profit from the new fitness concept. It’s based upon the four basic themes of movement, recreation, nutrition, and nature.

We would be happy to provide you with personal consulting about how to achieve the optimal effect during your active vacation in South Tyrol. The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel is the ideal place to engage in training. The high altitude, the pristine mountain air, the balanced nutrition our hotel kitchen offers, and the countless hiking trails, cross-country skiing routes, alpine skiing options, and swimming ensure that your holiday here in South Tyrol will be a memorable one.

Our "Kraxenofen"

The term “Kraxenofen” is the remnant of an earlier era, when hay was still carried on the back in so-called “Kraxen.” In old-time alpine farms, the Kraxen oven was an integral part of every better household. The more-modern version consists of comfortable seats in niches into which wonderfully aromatic alpine hay was filled. This alpine hay was cut in the traditional manner, with a scythe, and contained a large proportion of alpine herbs said to have therapeutic properties. These herbs are warmed by the rising water vapor, releasing their aromatic components. These hot aromatic oils come into contact with your skin to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The Kraxenofen is considered to be a gentle form of thermal therapy. Its pleasant and salubrious effects help to invigorate and relax the subject and in particular to stimulate the circulation system.

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