History of the Alpine Hotel Jochgrimm ☀️ South Tyrol

South Tyrol: A place of magical appeal. Where the Weisshorn and the Schwarzhorn rule!

The dim beginnings: A fascinating geological journey through the history of the Dolomites

This is where the twin mountain peaks of the Schwarzhorn / Corno Nero and Weisshorn / Corno Bianco tower in splendor. An ancient “Place of Power” in the South Tyrolean Alps – and also the southernmost tip of the Dolomites. Separated by just one kilometer, and with very similar conical shapes, they are nonetheless composed of radically different minerals and thus display a marked difference in color, to which they owe their names. The Schwarzhorn consists of dark Bozen quartz porphyry, while the Weisshorn is made of pale Sarl dolomite.

Enormous geological forces shaped this landscape. The much older quartz porphyry is overlaid by subsequent layers of dolomite limestone. This contrast is best observed at the “Trudner Fault,“ which represents a prominent boundary between the Schwarzhorn and the Weisshorn which runs over the Jochgrimm. This tectonic fault line has a total length of 27.5 km, and is visible also in the strata of the Bletterbach Gorge and at various sites in the Trudner Horn Nature Park.


Over the centuries, a number of legends and myths have arisen to explain this unusual landscape. According to one old legend, for example, there was a giant named Grimm who used to live in the forests around the Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn. This giant then fell in love with the daughter of a nobleman who lived in the Eggen / Ega Valley, so he abducted her. The famed knight Dietrich von Bern was immediately sent to rescue her. A tumultuous battle between the knight and the giant ensued. At the end, the giant, the knight, and the abducted daughter were all buried by a rockslide. Their blood dyed the rock at the foot of the Weisshorn red – a feature that is still distinctly visible in contrast to the otherwise pale dolomite, and in Radein / Redagno, some of the boulders from that battle can still be viewed.

The saddle-like formation between the mountains called “Jochgrimm“ was first mentioned in historical documents in the year 1234 – where it was referred to as the “Joacrem”. This name appears also in the “Song of Ecken“ or “Song of Eggen,“ a heroic epic written in Middle High German in the area of Bozen / Bolzano. This epic is one of the most-popular heroic songs along the Upper Rhine, and spread the fame of the South Tyrolean Jochgrimm “all the way to the taverns and inns“.

Epi-Paleolithic (after the Old Stone Age) traces of human habitation at the Jochgrimm are evidence that this South Tyrolean mountain ridge has been inhabited for thousands of years.

This place radiates a special energy, and has drawn settlers for millennia. It was also used for ancient cult practices. The early practice of traditional hay baths can be traced back to them. The host family of the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel harnessed the special energy of this place back in the mid-19th century and offered travelers and people in need of healing the opportunity to experience this pleasant and healthful treatment – an early form of wellness vacationing in the Dolomites. At that time, our nature hotel still functioned as an alpine dairy.

Over time, this dairy was expanded and transformed into an alpine hotel. The unusual appeal of this unique landscape on the Jochgrimm – nestled between the majestic Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn – is a popular destination, drawing guests from far and near. Our alpine hotel in the Dolomites represents an oasis for people seeking wellness. A place radiating a special energy. Here in the southernmost and geologically most-interesting part of the Dolomites of South Tyrol.

Guests of the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel can select from a wide range of fun and exciting activities: Hiking / trekking, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and even snowshoe hiking. Or take advantage of our superlative wellness facilities! You can have it all here at the incomparable Jochgrimm in South Tyrol.


The history and present day of the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel

Vacationing in the Dolomites: Then and now

The family history of the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel is steeped in traditions – traditions like the use of herbal baths and hay baths to reap their health benefits. And these time-honored traditions can still be experienced in real life today! This idyllic vacation spot is a magical place for young and old, alike. Whether you prefer alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, hiking / trekking, or simply regenerating in our comfortable wellness facilities.

Upon arriving here, you’ll soon sense the authentic atmosphere and deep roots of this alpine hotel which is so rich in tradition. We continue to honor these traditions, and strive to pass it on to the following generation. Here in this ancient alpine region with a long geological history, we look confidently into the future.

Down-to-earth and innovative. That describes us pretty accurately. And that’s how we intend to remain.

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