Alpine sauna Dolomites ☑️ Alpine Hotel Jochgrimm South Tyrol

Wellness in the Dolomites: Saunas at our alpine resort hotel in South Tyrol

Alpine sauna & wellness in the Dolomites

Do you like nothing better than to relax and luxuriate in the health-giving warmth of the sauna? What better way to indulge in this pleasant – and therapeutic – pastime than during your wellness vacation in the Alps of South Tyrol? Our wellness facilities are outfitted with two natural saunas, featuring plenty of wood paneling, one steam bath with alpine scents, one steam bath with salt exfoliation, as well as an infrared chamber for pleasant and relaxing sessions. Do yourself a favor and come experience our sauna facilities for yourself! Here at your wellness and resort hotel in the Dolomites! Here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel!


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