Dolomites summer vacation ☀️ Wellness & Hiking Hotel South Tyrol

Summertime in the mountains of South Tyrol – Enjoy a fabulous holiday at this premiere hiking / trekking and sports hotel in the heart of the Dolomites: The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel

Come and take a long, deep breath of our pristine mountain air!

You’ll be dumbfounded by the sheer natural beauty of this holiday playground. You’ll be tempted by the unique culinary treats our region has to offer. And visitors are sure to be charmed by the quaint customs and authentic traditions of the locals. Here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel, where the focus is on both sports and health, good old South Tyrolean hospitality is more than just an expression. For more than a hundred years, our guests have come here to enjoy the peace and indulge in fun outdoor activities at nearly 2,000 meters above sea-level.

Today, the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel offers a wide range of summertime sports activities, with cycling, hiking / trekking, and wellness in South Tyrol.

If you love the mountains in the summertime, then you’ll appreciate the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel.

Your alpine vacation paradise at 2,000 meters above sea-level.


Hiking in the Dolomites

Step by step – you can explore this hiking paradise in the heart of the Dolomites in South Tyrol. Its unspoiled natural beauty and diversity are unparalleled. The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel has its own hiking service. You are thus “good to go” and enjoy the Dolomites. You’ll collect many unforgettable memories and impressions. The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel is ideally situated for hiking / trekking. And after an adventurous day rambling across the countryside, our “Dolomites” wellness facility is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

You can explore the Weisshorn / Corno Bianco and Schwarzhorn / Corno Nero even without extensive alpine qualifications. Though you’d better not suffer from vertigo. The Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn are very worthwhile goals. So is the Bletterbach Gorge UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site – the so-called “Grand Canyon” of South Tyrol, where you can trace the dim beginnings of Earth’s history as though paging through a photo album. The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel has all of the information and documentation you’ll need to plan the best route for you through the surrounding Dolomites.

Endless conifer forests, rugged cliffs, and snow-capped summits. An exhilarating adventure is awaiting you.

Your preeminent cycling hotel in South Tyrol

In the springtime, when the last remnants of snow disappear from the slopes and the spring flowers begin sprouting and budding, the mountainbike season starts in South Tyrol. Jochgrimm is the ideal biking hotel for the Dolomites. You can undertake ambitious journeys through the Dolomites, shorter and easier tours, or even set forth on longer expeditions throughout the South of South Tyrol and all the way to Lake Garda.

Mountainbiking between snow-capped summits and lush vineyards – against the stunning backdrop of the magnificent Dolomites. The Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel is a sports-oriented hotel serving as the ideal starting-point for unforgettable tours throughout the region.

Relax and unwind – Recharge your spiritual battery – experience an untouched Mother Nature up close

Take the time to enjoy life with all your senses! Enjoy the freedom of the Great Outdoors. Take advantage of the balanced nutrition we offer here. Bask in an unspoiled nature! Relax and unwind! These are the biggest reasons to treat yourself to a “time-out” in the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel.

The scent of pine needles, moss, and pine cones fills the air. Stroll through a solitary forest clearing and stand in awe before the incomparable alpine scenery. It’s the ideal opportunity to “recharge your spiritual battery,” to relax, and take some time for yourself. Here at the Jochgrimm Alpine Hotel in the Dolomites, you can forget your worries and devote yourself to wellness.

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